Friday, October 5, 2012

96 more projects to go...

Okay I talked enough about myself in the last post. Here are some of the items I have already crossed of the list from Dani Jones fabulous post on 101 Projects for Artists & Illustrators...

#88. Start a blog.
Well here we are, started in 2009 I think, not knowing what the heck to write about, but wanted to document this wonderful journey.

#92. Look at other artists’ work through portfolio sites and blogs.
See the links on the right side of the blog. Some of these talented folks I know, some I have learned from & some are just too ridiculously talented not to mention!

#91. Find and study online tutorials.
Here are a couple of great resources:
• Folio Academy (inspiring Will Terry videos & other artists)
• Schoolism
• Dani Draws: Tutorials, Tips, etc.
• Youtube ( it's amazing how many useful videos are out there!)
• Carlyn Beccia does amazing work in Corel Painter
• 50 Illustrator Tutorials every designer should see

#93. Subscribe to Drawn! Check...
#94. Subscribe to Lines and Colors. Check, Check!

Okay my brain is a little fried so we'll take a break for now. There are just so many great things on this list that I wanted to share a few. Have a great night!

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