Monday, December 3, 2012

HohoDooDa #1 & #2

Have been a little busy this weekend with Birthday celebrating, but had a few minutes to doodle a little. Day one was my birthday and every year my Grandmother calls and sings Happy Birthday. I starting thinking about what a simple woman she is and how a cup of tea & some toast is all she needs in life! The first doodle is a memory of how simple her purse was too. She still carries with her: pink lipstick, wet ones, a little comb, some square shaped gum (that has juice inside) and sometimes she has a bottle of water. These images will forever be etched in my brain! Love her so much.

Today I was practicing creating characters from random lines or squiggles. Since its almost Christmas and Easter products should start showing up on store shelves soon, it seemed appropriate to pick this doodle of the bunch to share.

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