Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Doodle Day May (Day 16-28)

Catching up on Doodle Day May...

Used 4 different iPad apps & limited each doodle to under a half hour ( some took only about 5 minutes) this has been a fun month of doodles!!! Thank again Alison for getting this exercise started!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Weekend Doodle

Still need to catch up on Doodle Day May, but decided to take a break from the computer & use raw materials like pen & ink, watercolors and pencil.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Doodle Day May (Day 8-15)

I have been posting these on the FB Group page, but have not posted them on here yet this week.

Day #8: Tree
Day #9: Critters
Day #10: One Continuous Line
Day #11: Give Me a Hand
Day #12: Mothers
Day #13: Through the Window
Day #14: Sun
Day #15: Heart

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Doodle Day May (Day 6)

Today was inspired by the fabulous Derby Hat from the weekend. I skimmed through a couple of pictures and then tried to design my own hat & dress for today's doodle. Since this is only a doodle I could not add a detailed background so I used a textured paper background to imply action without spending more than my usual 20 minutes on the doodle.

Day #6: Hat

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Doodle Day May (Day 5)

Catching up a little on Doodles, still have a lot of work to complete this week but today's topic of "Flower" was perfect. I happened to be working on a project that called for adding more flowers. I could not put just any flowers in the photo because of the region, so I found these little beauties called the Arctic Lupin. They are just as beautiful open as they are in the form of a bud.

Day #5: Flower

Doodle Day May (Day 3 + 4)

Running a little behind today. Lots of deadlines lining up, and new rounds of revisions on a new project. We took a break from Gardening & working around the house to go explore Philadelphia today & stop by Greg Pizzoli's book launch party. His new book called The Watermelon Seed is fantastic! It hit's store shelves on May 14th.

So I sketched a couple of people in Rittenhouse Square Park. I could sit there for hours just people watching. The sketch for day 4 was inspired by the excitement in people's faces as they saw different Brides coming into the park for photographs.

Day #3: Circle
Day #4: Face

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Doodle Day May (Day 1 + 2)

Going to attempt another monthly doodle challenge. Whipped up day 1 + 2 tonight. Alison Hertz started another great challenge and has posted a new word for each day to inspire. You can learn all about it and join along by visiting Alison's Blog.

Day #1: Zentangles of your name
Day #2: Monster

Catching up...

It has been a while. Have been busy working, consulting with the wonderful Holli Conger and working on some old and new pieces. Here is an old one that I finished working thanks to learning a great technique from Renée Kurilla. She posted a helpful video about how she took an illustration from her sketchbook and colored it in photoshop. Make sure you check out the long version too, if you have time. You can find both videos on her Group Blog. I learned a few new tricks!