Monday, May 19, 2014

Sketching from just about any place at any time...

I've been trying to sketch a lot more & from just about any place possible lately...

The other day it was on our daughter's field trip during the 2 hour bus ride. I've sketched in the pre-school parking lot before pick up, in between projects for work, in the line at the grocery store in my mini moleskine, or at 1am in the morning when the world stands still... but my most favorite spot to spread out & sketch or paint, is on our deck while the kids play on the swings & yard.

It's so hard to find time for everything we want to get done in a day, but I've been using those tiny left over moments where I would usually check Facebook for a second, or read the last chapter of a book to sketch in the sketchbook instead... even if it is for only 5 minutes at a time.

Renee had a great post on her group blog recently and I tried her circle trick with very light pencil lines. It helped a lot!!

If you are looking for an ongoing challenge to get you moving try the always faithful Illustration Friday, or Sketch Dailies: or Daily Doodle @daily__doodle (

Happy Sketching ;)

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