Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sweet Square #12

Lovely day filled with Church, Family Grocery Trip, Hazelnut Coffee, Football, AND Baseball! I promised our daughter we would start "Scribble Sundays" so we have have a set time each week to paint or draw together. Today we both sketched out our square, and then held it up to the window and traced it with a sharpie onto our watercolor paper.

After that, it was time to mix colors and paint! My inspiration was looking through the vera bradley catalog earlier and all of the lovely colors... Our 5 year old wanted to create a unicorn... I actually think her square turned out better than mine today! Regardless we had a great time.

Now off to make Nachos for the 2nd half of the football game, toss some laundry in the wash, and get ready for the baseball game. Gotta love relaxing Sundays!!

Our 5 year old's beautiful rendition of a unicorn:

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